Is insurance available for one day?

You can buy insurance as a vendor for one day or for a single event. This may be appropriate for vendors that are working at a festival or just one event for a weekend and need the insurance to meet the requirements of the event holder.

Is single event insurance a good deal?

Yes and no. If you are not interested in buying an annual policy and will only be selling your product or offering your service for a weekend, then the single event insurance quote may be good for you. Consider that annual insurance coverage may cost the same as buying three single event policies.  Therefore, if you are going to more than just three events, it is more cost efficents to buy general liability insurance on an annual basis.

How do I buy insurance as a vendor?

Click here to go to the vendor insurance page.  If you are purchasing an annual policy, just enter “various events and locations” in the section that asks about your events and your locations. You can obtain instant proof of insurance.  A certificate of insurance will also be available at the time of purchase.